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Written by Elise on March 10 2020

Evening StandardCarey Mulligan says she is always more excited to work with female directors because women have to “work that much harder” to get to the top.

Her latest film, Promising Young Woman, is written, directed and produced by Killing Eve showrunner Emerald Fennell.

Mulligan said: “I feel like when you get an email with the script to read, or when you audition for something that is being directed by a woman, it always makes me a little bit more excited, because I think, probably, that woman has had to work that much harder, or be that much better to have gotten to this point.

The actress, 34, won a Bafta in 2010 for her role in An Education and has since starred in The Great Gatsby, Drive and Suffragette.

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She said she had been nervous about starring in comic thriller Promising Young Woman as Cassie, a woman who fights back against men trying to take advantage of her, because it was “so far removed” from her previous roles. But she told fellow actress Frances McDormand, who interviewed her for Heroine Magazine, that the film “is my favourite thing ever, I love it, and I rarely say that about anything.

She also spoke about the advice she received from her husband, Mumford & Sons frontman Marcus Mumford, when she had to sing in 2013 film Inside Llewyn Davis. She said: “I was so nervous and I remember Marcus walking in after the second take and doing this hand gesture to tell me to sing quieter because I was singing a little bit like I was auditioning for Les Misérables.” “My entire childhood I’d dreamed of being a musical theatre actress but I didn’t have a good enough voice. Somehow I managed to get this job and I was blasting out 500 Miles and he had to come in and moderate.

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