2007: My Boy Jack [TV Movie]

Original Release: November 11, 2007 (USA–limited)
Directed by: Brian Kirk
Written by: David Haig
Produced by: Michael Casey, Douglas Rae
Running Time: 1h 35 mins
Country of origin: United Kingdom
The film attracted about 5.7 million viewers on its original ITV broadcast in the UK on Remembrance Day, 11 November 2007.

As the Great War (World War I) begins, 17-year-old Jack Kipling, the only son of the famous English author Rudyard Kipling, declares his intention to join the Royal Navy. However, when Jack’s poor eyesight prevents him from passing the medical examinations, both he and his father are devastated. Determined, Rudyard uses his influence with the military establishment to eventually secure Jack an officer’s commission as a Second Lieutenant in the Irish Guards. Jack’s mother Carrie and his sister Elsie disapprove of this post, as they do not wish for him to go to the war. On his 18th birthday, Jack receives orders to lead his platoon into action and is posted missing in action. For three years, Jack’s parents track down and interview surviving members of his platoon.

Cast & Characters

David Haig (Rudyard Kipling), Daniel Radcliffe (John Kipling), Kim Cattrall (Caroline Kipling), Carey Mulligan (Elsie Kipling), Julian Wadham (King George V), Martin McCann (Bowe), Richard Dormer (Corporal John O’Leary), Rúaidhrí Conroy (McHugh), Laurence Kinlan (Doyle), Ciaran Nolan (Daly), Nick Dunning (Colonel Ferguson), Michael McElhatton (Leo Amery MP), Peter Gowen (H.A Gwynne), Brian de Salvo (Field Marshal ‘Bobs’ Roberts), Simon Coury (Naval Doctor).

Production Photos

Awards & Nominations

  2007: 14th Shanghai Television Festival – Silver Magnolia Award for Best Television Film