2017: Mudbound

Original Release: November 17, 2017 (Netflix)
Directed by: Ree Dees
Written by: Dee Rees & Virgil Williams
Based on: the book by Hillary Jordan
Produced by: Carl Effenson, Sally Jo Effenson, Cassian Elwes, Charles King, Christopher Lemole, Kim Roth, Tim Zajaros
Running Time: 134 minutes
Budget: $10 million

In the aftermath of WWII, somewhere in the muddy Mississippi Delta, two families–one black, the Jacksons, and the other white, the McAllans–are forced to share the same patch of land, keeping a frail race-based peace with each other. However, as they both struggle with hardship and dire poverty, the long-awaited return of two war veterans–Ronsel, the Jacksons’ eldest son, and Jamie, Henry McAllan’s younger brother–will unexpectedly nurture a budding friendship that transcends prejudice and race. But, in the end, against a backdrop of fevered Mississippi sunsets and vitriolic racism, life can be hard when the law of the land is still segregation and hatred. And then, no one can be safe.

Cast & Characters

Carey Mulligan (Laura McAllan), Jason Clarke (Henry McAllan), Mary J. Blige (Florence Jackson), Rob Morgan (Hap Jackson), Jason Mitchell (Ronsel Jackson), Garrett Hedlund (Jamie McAllan), Jonathan Banks (Pappy McAllan), Frankie Smith (Marlon Jackson), Kennedy Derosin (Lilly May Jackson), Elizabeth Windley (Amanda Leigh McAllan), Piper Blaire (Isabelle McAllan).

Production Photos

Awards & Nominations

  2018: AARP’s Movies for Grownups Awards – Best Ensemble
  2018: Academy Awards – Best Supporting Actress (Mary J. Blige), Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Original Song, Best Cinematography
  2018: Critics’ Choice Movie Awards – Best Ensemble
  2017: Gotham Independent Film Awards – Special Jury Award – Ensemble Performance
  2017: Hollywood Film Awards – Hollywood Breakout Ensemble Award
  2018: Independent Spirit Awards – Robert Altman Award
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