Carey Mulligan & Marcus Mumford announce star-studded charity auction on The One Show

Written by Elise on July 25 2020

Radio TimesIf you fancy having breakfast with Carey Mulligan or strumming a guitar that once belonged to her husband Marcus Mumford, head to the War Child crowdfunder site they’ve helped launch.

The couple announced the celebrity auction on Tuesday’s The One Show and it’s full of highly desirable items which anyone can bid on, including a video call with Jamie Dornan, a private meeting with Ed Sheeran, and separately his signed guitar, a private gig over Zoom by Mumford, a personal meeting with The 1975, a guitar once owned by Laura Marling and much more. The War Child crowdfunder list is quite impressive.

The couple joked the crowdfunding campaign is the only thing they work together on, apart from parenthood (they have two children), but it’s clear they’ve used all the celebrity numbers their phones to get desirable items for the auction.

Hollywood star Mulligan admitted they had technical difficulties on the website earlier. “The website crashed earlier because there’s a private Zoom call with Louis Tomlinson [for auction]!

Mumford and Mulligan are ambassadors for War Child, a charity that addresses the plight of children directly affected by conflicts around the world.

He said: “All of the funds goes into supporting War Child’s work in the field, which with the global pandemic, they’re working with some of the most vulnerable children in the world. Children in refugees camps who are really struggling anyway and [the funds provide] supplementary education and social support, counselling, hygiene, and just trying to support these kids… It’s been our privilege to visit these programmes to bear witnesses as ambassadors for War Child.

The War Child crowdfunder has a target of £300,000, but with the items on auction and the total already at £48,000 it’s a safe bet their target will be bettered. It turns until September.

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